Crappy Ending
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julcee Filipina. Always looking for coffee.
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No more chances, just a crappy ending.

Crappy Ending

I can sense why you called me

I know why you asked for a date

Arrived thirty minutes early

You came thirty minutes late

I can feel what you feel

I gave you a slight caress

You stopped me-- I know you will

I remained quiet, no sign of distress

"It's my fault blah blah"-- what a boring speech

You’re trying too hard to be nice

All you wanted is to end this hitch

I can see it in your eyes

I get it, you want to finish our story

I smiled at you, saying it’s okay

We’ll have our happy ending, separately

Well, as if I could make you stay

You hugged me, it felt cold.

Just like the coffees I ordered.

I said "have a sip before you go."

That was the only thing I can muster.

I thought we could be that idealistic “something”

But you didn’t love me anymore, I do understand

No more last chances, just a crappy ending

Of a man who died, with a poisoned cup in his hand.

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