Child of the Arts By Justin Hite
Child of the Arts 

By Justin Hite theatre stories

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I wrote this today in one of my college classes and I really wanted to share it somewhere.

Child of the Arts By Justin Hite

I am a child of the arts.

Self-appointed pupil of Sondheim and Schwartz

I aspire to be a star & bring out the star in others

I am from an Asian household

At first, they did not support my passions

"The arts are not reliable, you'll be poor forever"

I speak for the aspiring artists who still believe those telling them to give up their dreams.

I am unsure of myself

To be an artist is to be scared.

Am I good enough? Is it too late?

Hourly fears to push me further

Fear ignites the flame to train harder, to put in the time it takes to be great

I am a performer

I speak my heart.

I am not cocky. That attitude sets you back

I am not shy. I will take every opportunity

I am not you. You don't understand my potential

I am going to make it.

I was always a performer at heart.

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