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Roses and Lies

Lies can sometimes be beautiful, blinding us from the facts. Roses can make a person bleed, as much as a knife does. Appearances hide everything from deep within. Love may come out from the mouth, denying what is in the heart. Everthing lost is returned. But does same rules apply to love. A heart venting sorrow, is a story must be heard.

Sky became darker. The world became bland and grey. Numbness from within.

Unsatisfaction, from these worldly materials. All I need was you.

The moment you left, is the moment all shattered. Reasons I demand.

No matter how long, Just to hear the voice you own. Reason out to me.

Maybe time I spent, with you was not right to choose. Could not be much worse.

I'm a fool for you. Chasing fantasies idly. I should change my ways.

The way those eyes look. Stares of an angel to see. Twinkling not for me.

Sweet words fill thy mouth. Planting sweet lies in to my heart. It corrupted me

False encouragements, believing you're there for me. Leaving in my need.

Doubting could be right, but I chose to believe you. A bad decision.

Promises was made. Breaking them was what you did. Should I still believe?

Rebuild you should do. The thing i entrusted you. Opposite you made.

My heart was peirced. Steps further from me you took. Now I can't reach you.

But you're the reason. Heart beats faster than any. Maybe it should stop.

Dissaster it was, the journey although was false. I shouldn't be mourning

A story was made. Thinking it's finally love, but left unfinished.

Closure was not made. No reasons for you to leave. Breaking me apart.

Where could you be now? My heart is calling for you. Content it couldn't be.

A space in my heart, is the place you must reside. A blank you must fill.

I'll look anywhere. No matter how long it takes, as long as you're there.

The moon I would climb. The stars I would take with me. For you to be here.

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