The Ideal Roommate
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Once I had an undesirable roommate I was in college at the time

The Ideal Roommate

Once I had an undesirable roommate

I was in college at the time

I was assigned to a girl not so great

She did things I considered crimes

I thought, if I don't get some relief

I will lose what is left of my mind

My stay at this college will be brief

How can I leave my troubles behind

I walked down the hall of my dorm

Feeling very sad and forlorn

Then suddenly I had a brainstorm

That would heal all the hurt I had born

Quickly I slipped into another room

I met a girl I had long admired

Holding my breath, did I dare presume

She was working quietly and seemed inspired

I didn't know if she knew who I was

If she would even listen to my request

I told her the problem that had caused

My world to be so greatly upset

She seemed not a bit surprised at all

For in a dorm rumors fly like the wind

She smiled at me and my southern drawl

Would you like to join me and move right in

Her words were like a balm to my soul

I quickly moved my possessions in before

My old roommate could return and stroll

In to make a drama scene that I abhor

That was my college freshman year

I remember many friends and good times

But the best decision I made was clear

Moving in with Jean Shuey was prime

She was smart and always a lady so fine

Five years older with some gray in her hair

I was an extrovert and spoke my mind

Together we made the ideal pair

All that year she gave me much pleasure

Studying and talking late into the night

I always thought of her as my treasure

Without her I would have been in a plight

Time has its way of rushing on

After college we lost contact

I saw her a few times over days gone

But I failed to call or keep track

Today I decided to contact her again

Soon I found her address and phone

I wondered if her would still be my friend

Or would rather just be left alone

We talked for hours of good times and bad

So much to catch up on after thirty years

We both had lost our dear mom and dad

But we said good-bye without any tears

We planned to email each other often

And meet at a restaurant for a meal

I hope we never again let years soften

Our love and admiration, time will not steal

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