Facing Facts
Facing Facts unrequited love stories
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juatin Just want to share my feelings with you
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A poem I wrote 3 years ago about me and my current boyfriend when we were starting out. Not sure if I was entirely wrong back then...

Facing Facts

Here I am pacing

It's driving me crazy

The things that you told me

Just don't add up lately

I'm trying to ignore it

But it makes my mind hazy

Cause all that I think of and all that I do somehow always ends up being about you

I'll be having a good day

living for now

then I'll think of the last time that you let me down

and a feeling starts growing from deep in my heart

that feeling is worry its tearing me apart

I don't act like myself now anytime you're around

my mind is so busy so I stare at the ground

waiting for something to happen with you

for a sign to just tell me what you say is true

that you really do love me and you want me to stay

that all of this confusion can just go away

that we can be together for more than a day

and still feel the lightness the spark in our touch

but that would be crazy and for you way to much

it's hard for you to express all your feelings inside

so you hide them and fake that you've none to confide

but I know you feel something or we wouldn't be here

and now I'm just waiting for you to be clear

do you want this or not it's not hard to say

wether you love me or not I'm not sure I should stay

cuz it's not as if things can just change in a day

but if I'm waiting forever my heart may decay

and my hearts all I have

the rest was taken away

all the ones before you though they're not ashamed

have robbed me and raped me left me nothing but my name

but I will not stop fighting

I will not lose my heart

because my heart is still beating because you made it start

I was lost and alone until you found me here

now I'm wondering if It’d be better if i disappeared

your happiness is worth so much more than you'll know

because it's your happiness that helps me continue to grow

But if I damper that happiness that I long to see

Then the problems not you

The problem is me

I'm hurting myself just as much as you

And the hardest part is admitting it's true

We aren't meant for each other and never will be

That you're better off if you don't have me.

Facing Facts.

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