and lap up every last drop that I can.
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Marriage in its most delicious moments

and lap up every last drop that I can.

Taste of My Marriage

You are my first taste,

and my last meal,

feasting on food is akin

to feasting on you.

I remember the first time we kissed

it was like the first time I had ice cream

shockingly delightful

as the flavors melted on my tongue,

dripping drown my throat.

Just like ice cream

the first taste

had me hooked.

Ice cream is my favorite.

So are you.

Isn't it crazy how long we've known each other

and your kisses

still intoxicate me harder

then 3 glasses of my favorite sangria.

I can't even contain how much I


for you.

Bottoms up.

Your love is like my grandmother's mac and cheese

comforting, nostalgic,

as every single bite

reminds me of who I am and where I belong

Marriage has only intensified

my ever constant desire for


Being with you is like eating my favorite meal,

and even though it's made exactly the same way

every time I am blown away

by how delicious it is.

I am never bored.

The sensation of eating chocolate--

that's something like how

it is when I'm with you.




You melt in,

my mouth,

my back,

my thighs.

My constant craving,

the tastiest snack,

the meal I think about my entire commute home.

And you feed me until I am,

close to bursting with pleasure,

satisfied with how full I am

after we have savored each other.

The honey on my lips,

making me foolish

to lap up every last drop that I can.

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