So said, the Sky
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juancarlosortizMuse in Training
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So said, the Sky

by juancarlosortiz

Here you stand, because of I

So said, the Sky.

I am forever, and you were born to die

So said, the Sky

Due to this fact, you must act in a manner with no 'why'

So said, the Sky

I know what is best, so listen, and your mind will be at rest. If you must know why, it is because I made you and that makes you mine.

If you are good, do as I say and never ask why, then in death you shall live as you'd want, amongst the stars in the night.

Do as I say and time will fly by; you'll be here soon enough to enjoy the life after life

So said, the Sky

A life after life does sound rather delightful, but a life with no why sounds rather frightful. Although, I am here, as you say, by your hand, why shan't a live a life unplanned?

I have my own thoughts, my own eyes, my own interpretation of what lies. No offenses to you my all powerful maker, but there's something to be said about the risk taker.

A life during life is full of the forbidden why, but a life of my own paradigm is the life I choose to live

So said, I

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