Eden Virus 27 Part 3
Eden Virus 27 Part 3 fiction stories

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It spoke to me a light; “My child, are you not tired of this sin filled world?”

“Come and embrace me. Accept me.”

It called to me; A Paradise. It granted to me; An Eternity. It brought to me; Salvation.

No pain. No fear. No evil. No sins. No deaths.

For this world is Eden. And it shall burn.

Eden Virus 27 Part 3

"Huff...huff...there's no end to these monsters..." Takuya struggled for breath as he clutched his left arm in pain.

Standing back to back with Kenjirou, both of them covered in blood, they were surrounded by hordes of monsters that circled them like a pack of wild animals.

they growled and snipped at them but kept their distance as if toying and savoring their hunt.

"Huff...Hideyoshi...how are you doing?" Kenjirou asked his underclassman as he shook himself to stay conscious.

He could not feel anything yet from the amount of blood and wounds he suffered, he was barely able to stay afloat.

"Oh yeah, just wonderful Prez. I can't feel my arm...I'm out of weapons...huff...

but I'm sure that's nothing a good night sleep can't fix, right?" Takuya snickered before wincing in pain from his broken ribs. "Ugh...tell me, why is it that every time, this has to happen.

Frankly...kuh...I'm sick of it."

"Hmph...still have enough strength to joke. But yes, we seem to always get the short end of the stick don't we?" Kenjirou forced a chuckle.

"Where's Mitsuhide-senpai? Don't tell me he's missing out on all the fun."

"He's here." Kenjirou explained to him what Juntaro told him about Ryuuko and how he was forced back to them by Alma.

"Damn...senpai really is useless. Hey senpai, you hear me? You're a useless bastard." Takuya laughingly scoffed.

"Why you deaf sonova-... Kenjirou, tell him that I have only 5% left and that if I die, my last words for him would be to shut the hell up." Juntaro voice came from the speaker of his phone.

"Hmph...he told you to shut up and that he only has 5% left." Kenjirou chuckled as he relayed his message.

"Of course...heh...so in the end, we're all going to be in this together after all. Joys of joys..." He grunted as he pulled out his last knife with his right arm.

His entire body was hurting from even just the slightest movements. "You know Prez, I'm damn jealous of you and not being able to feel pain. As well as your choice of weapons.

Maybe if we get out of this, I'll take up that boxing of yours."

"I'll gladly teach you if you're up to it. I just hope you can keep up." Kenjiro snarked as he put his guards up.

"Ha! Look at you, trying to make jokes. Hey senpai, record him and his once and only ever funny moment." Takuya scoffed as he also took a stance.

"He could do better. Come on Kenjirou, show us that Enka spirit!"

"Hmph...you guys. Always so critical..." The president let out a sigh.

The monsters around them let out a blood-curdling howl and finally prepared to attacked. But just as they were about to pounce, they suddenly looked up.

"What the...?"

"EVERYONE!!" Called a familiar voice as the two boys turned to see the sight of Ryuuko appearing from thin air and falling towards them.



"Whoa!" Kenjirou cried out, nearly falling over as he caught her in his arm.


"Takatora-OW OW OW OWWWW!!" Takuya screamed in pain as she tightly hugged the two boys.

"Ah! Sorry! But I'm so glad to see everyone again!" Ryuuko tearfully apologized with a big smile.

"Great to see you too Takatora, but this isn't exactly the best time for you to appear right now. Get back, we'll take care of this." Takuya exclaimed as he boldly stood in front of her.

"No! I'm-I'm part of the A.R.C. too! I can also fight!" She declared as she pulled out her knife and took a stance that he taught her.

"Hmph...we can't deny that. Fine, but stay close to us. We'll do this together!" Kenjirou grunted as he carefully adjusted his glasses.

"Hey look at that. The whole team is finally back together, haha! This isn't so bad, eh Takuya? Kenjirou? Ryuuko?"

"A.R.C.! LET'S GO!"

But as the group prepared themselves for attack, the monsters surrounded them began to back away. Their fangs were still barred and were growling menacingly yet they cowered away.

"What's this? Are we scaring them now?! Yeah!" Juntaro beamed.

"No...it's something else. Look!"

Suddenly all the monsters froze, as if being strangled by an invisible force. They were then ominously dragged up into the air, flailing and struggling to break free but to no avail.

"W-what's is this?!" Kenjirou asked with confusion at the strange sight.

"REJECT!!" Came a booming voice as an ear bursting sound occurred from the monsters that dangled in the air.


The disgusting sound of flesh explosion rang out as each and every one of the monsters suddenly blew apart into an array of bits and pieces, like a horrific display of bloodied fireworks.

Blood and guts rained down on the shocked group as it soaked the ground red.

In a terrifying scene, the entire horde of countless monsters were all killed in a matter of moments without so much as a single resistance.

"Holy crap! What the hell?!" Takuya nearly gagged as he quickly pushed off the gross entrails that splattered on him.

"Eww!! But this is...Alma?!" Ryuuko immediately looked up and saw the familiar figure of a silver haired individual that hung over them.

"Useless creatures. Not even worth my time." The figured chuckled, a smug look of satisfaction as they playfully twirled the braid on their side before turning towards the A.R.C.


The boys immediately directed themselves towards Alma as they landed in front of them, their weapons fully drawn and ready.

"How ungrateful you are, children of sin. Despite my best efforts of saving you, you still display such hostility towards me. Tsk, tsk, no manners at all." They mused.

"YOU BASTARD!" The two boys immediately charged at the mocking figure but was promptly stopped when Ryuuko suddenly stood in front of them with her arms outstretched.

"Wait!! Please wait!"

"Ryuuko, what are you doing?!"

"Get out of the way Takatora! That bastard...that's them!" Takuya screamed as he tightly gripped his knife with murderous intent.

"Yes, please quickly move out of the way!" Kenjirou growled, his brows furrowing with rage.

But despite the hostility from the boys, Ryuuko stood firm and shook her head.

"Everyone, I understand your anger but...this person is not our enemy right now. Please, listen to me."

Looking at her face of utmost seriousness, the two boys begrudgingly back down and put away their weapons.

"Heh, fools. You are nothing but worms that do not yet know your place." Alma laughed.

"Would you please stop provoking them! Geez!"

"Heh heh heh." Alma chuckled in response as they waved their hand. A strange feeling of impact blew at them as suddenly all the wounds that they had sustained vanished.

"Whoa! I-I can move my arm again! And...I'm full of energy!" Takuya gasped as he vibrantly moved his left arm, shocked at the disappearance of pain that covered his body.

"I'm-I'm at 100%?! What the heck!? How?!" Juntaro declared as his live chat popped out from Kenjirou's phone.


" Kenjirou grunted as he opened and closed his fists,

inspecting to confirm that the numerous wounds that covered his body were gone before turning his piercing gaze back to Alma who was grinning ear to ear at them.

"Still not a single show of gratitude? How despicable you are, children of sin." They snickered.

"Hmph...do not mistake our momentary pause for acceptance for what you've done, scumbag. There is still much that we will make sure you'll pay for.

" The president growled angrily, his face a terrifying scowl as he stared down into the empty eyes of the smirking figure standing away from them.

"Ooh, scary. You're the "president" of this little club, aren't you? Heh heh, I think out of all these fools, I'm going to like you the most. But unfortunately, we are out of time now."

"T-that's right! President, we have to get out of here right now! Big trouble is coming!" Ryuuko exclaimed.


"Are you serious? Geez, it's just non-stop isn't it?" Takuya gave a weary sigh.

"It's already too late, Takatora Ryuuko."

"Wha-" She turned back to them only to see Alma collapsing to their knees, their hand tightly clutching their chest as if in pain.


"Tch...Kardea, the garden of mercy's Savior, they're finally here..."


A loud thundering noise shook the lands as everyone looked up into the air.

The sky that was covered by the parasol like tree-leaves all suddenly blew away, revealing a blinding glow of heavenly light that swirled like clouds,

causing everyone to cover their eye from its brilliance. Only able to weakly peek out from their fingers, everyone saw it.

Coming from the strange swirling lights of clouds slowly appeared a colossal figure with multiple wings of light that circled their backs like an angelic halo.

"They're here. Amesha (Immortal); Armadat..." Alma grimly announced.

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