Time of Endings
Time of Endings  sadpoem stories

jst619 Stories are meant to be told
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Just a poem I wrote. I hope you guys like it. I am new to this.

Time of Endings

The foots steps behind me was once loud,

I turn around, and you are nowhere to be found.

The voice that once made me laugh,

made me cry, somehow drowned out.

The touch that made my body ignite with fire

has put itself out

I run after what I thought was something or someone familiar,

but you were never found.

I cry and shout calling your name,

yet there is no sound.

Finally I stopped and stood still trying to find what was not going to be around.

something else showed up instead,

with presence of unknown and suddenly I became aware.


I call for your name once more,

silence respond where it wasn't before.

You are now gone

and it's silence who has opened a new door.

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