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jpplus Peace, you and me. Perfect.
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Can you read this and tell me your opinion, that if I actually made sense... I want to hear from you.

A thing of thoughts

I just wanna ask, in case anyone sees this... Do you ever think that this life we dwell in was kind of designed to actually be this way?

I know most of us dream of a magical world, a world so different... But, isn't it that this world is the only one we'll ever get?

I've been thinking about this lately since it kept disrupting my meditations and I think that maybe life was meant to have many loop holes so that lots of stuffs can fit in.

Perhaps, people lose because people can win. Perhaps, people break up so that people can make up... Maybe, people die so that people can live.

I don't know but I've just been ludicrously wondering... Can life really get different. Is there even another one yet to come that we can realistically compare life of now with?

Or what do you think?

Share your thoughts, will you?

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