#63 Ink's faith
#63 Ink's faith inks stories

jpplus Peace, you and me. Perfect.
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I'm creating a poem series, touching different subjects... You just might find your favorite.

#63 Ink's faith

I believe

That poems are more than just words

I believe

That with it we can say so much more

I believe

That inks are not just tools

I believe

They're weapons of life and truth

So mighty is the power of a ink

With it we can create a whole new world to live

Of new thoughts, ideas and magic

And spread stories of love and lots of peace

But inks faiths lies in the hands of the writers

Who crafts its powers to his inner needs

To his thoughts ideas and feelings

To whatever he could just reason.

_ _ _

*I believe inks are very powerful tools with which all of life's shadows can be illuminated.*

*I strongly believe in inks* *This happens to be my fav. piece of the week*

_Peace n love.

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