Washcloth Romance
Washcloth Romance pain stories

jpmaple Amateur wordsmith and overthinker
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Throw away love

Washcloth Romance

she stares at me longingly

platitudes ringing from her crooked smile

I used to think her eyes gazed lovingly

and that the words rang like church bells

now the words sound like sirens

each syllable encased in an invisible bubble

warning my mind of the falseholds they hold

she doesn't want ME

she wants what she can get from me

I'm like a washcloth to her

good to keep around, but only to use

to clean up her messes, to dry her tears

but she only cares about the use she gets from me

she doesn't care how much I wear and tear

nor the stains left upon me

when the stench she leaves on me annoys her

she simply sends me through the wash

and hangs me out to dry

waiting again until she wants to use me once more

and once I'm without use, she'll simply cast me aside

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