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joyouscellyjc In love with poetry
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Consider this part 2. A part of my original longer poem.
' where we make love to our insanity '

Where StoriesAre Made

by joyouscellyjc

What if there's a gentle healing in the trees' cool shade

What if prince charming is stuck somewhere in space

When we stop believing, stop loving miracles fade

Maybe we find our way when we get out of this maze

The air we inhale dances with our lungs, mixes with our blood

Maybe miracles happen when we let go of reality

When we intertwine with the stars, where hearts torn in ecstasy stood

Where we make love to our insanity

Perhaps someday looking at these stars, inhaling this cool air,

I'll find ecstasy that will last for an eternity

Maybe I'll drift off with the rain and out of my fear

Don't you know where ?

Where I make love to my insanity ;)

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