Perks of being single
Perks of being single  love stories

joyouscellyjc In love with poetry
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For everyone who's struggling with being single (come on guys, we've all been there)

Perks of being single

by joyouscellyjc

We all want to love someone and be loved

But there are definitely some advantages of being single

You actually have time to ask yourself , "am I ready??"

You don't just rush into random relationships

You can just have fun

You are open and free and can just hang out with your buddies

You can focus on your career

Being single is really good for your career. You can get married to your work. Believe me, it's not as bad as it sounds

You can look for the right one

Chances are the right person will just come along

You can give speeches about it later!

Lol you can probably be a mentor for many others struggling with the idea of not being in a relationship

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