Luminescent Tide
Luminescent Tide
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joycewords_23 Think too much, and feel too often.
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A rare occurrence such as love can only be compared to a luminescent tide .

Luminescent Tide

The sea speaks. At night she holds the crest of her waves up high. She is the light bearer who shines quietly in the darkness. The formless void of blue, underwater fireflies, gentle tides.

We are tethered to her touch. Sometimes she holds me. Weightless A trepidation. A softness between the mountains. Bursting Rivers God's thighs.

A womb of connectivity. Ivory shores, pastel skies, She gives us life below, and pulls the moon to her flow A little bit of ocean in our eyes. When she holds me under I hear her shimmering sighs. "I was only falling in love."

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