Today I saw you in her arms
Today I saw you in her arms feelings stories

joycedias Community member
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After six years, I still break. There's always a new way

Today I saw you in her arms

It hurt It felt like my whole world stopped, for a very painful second

I couldn't breathe

I don't want you back, because you broke my heart and myself in so many ways

And I can't understand, and I'll never understand how you still got a hold on me

To the point that my whole world stopped, just by seeing you happy in other woman's arms

I hope, some day, I'll forget all about you

Because I keep coming back, to these memories, to calling you at 3am only to hear your mumbling voice

Because I still need, desperately, something from you

As little as it be Just a breath Just a "hello?"

So I can fall asleep To find you in my dreams

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