For the only woman that I loved deeply

For the only woman that I loved deeply girls stories

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A few years ago I met the most incredible woman, I've never forgotten her or what we lived together

For the only woman that I loved deeply

I remember like it was yesterday The morning I first met your green eyes They penetrated me, so ruthless  I was paralyzed

The sunlight in your brown hair made me feel dizzy My heart just couldn't understand how much I was going to love you

We talked for like two hours in that hidden bar, and I forgot the whole world We said goodbye, and I'm so happy that you gave me your number

Four months later, you're mine We write poems together, I touch your body, wanting to know every piece of your skin

I taste every single part of you Between your legs I discovered myself and found the most desirable prize When your scream or whisper my name I feel in ecstasy

Those nights seems to never end I feel it's only seconds, losing myself in your hair, your chest, your body and soul

The way we loved each other was so strong, so mad and incredible That's comprehensive that two broken souls like us couldn't handle it;

Soon, we ruined everything At the time, it was ugly. We couldn't accept that we are so damaged, and we, together, grew apart because that was too powerful and we were too afraid.

When you left I felt like the world was closing on me There was a hole in my house, in my bed, in myself So big, dragging me to the darkness It almost succeeded. Almost.

Now, you're living by the sea, married, with two beautiful kids and I am trying to find myself I am so happy that you got to fix yourself Wouldn't it be amazing if it was that easy for us all?

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