Day #9 since you left
Day #9 since you left

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joycedias Community member
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I'm going through a very hard time in my life, writing my feelings down is the only thing keeping me from going crazy

Day #9 since you left

The sun was bright this morning, But I didn't wanted to get up. The breeze of December was so cold, The sky so gray, And I couldn't feel more depressed.

Today is day #9, since you left. You took your clothes, your silk sheets, and my favorite mug. You took my happiness, you took my will to live. Why did you leave, running away, in the middle of the night?

When the firsts rays of sunlight shined up the room, I woke really happy. I wanted to kiss you, hug you, feel the warm of our bodies. When I didn't see you there, I thought that maybe you were doing coffee, like always.

I run up to the kitchen, happy, because we were so happy. But you weren't there. In the table, just a mediocre note "I am sorry, I can't do this anymore"

Why didn't you say anything? Why didn't you wanna try again? Why did you made me believe you loved me?

Why do you still pick up my 3am calls? You never say anything. Do you enjoy to hear my tears fall? Do you enjoy listening to my heart screaming?

These walls are growing on me, Surrounding me. Suffocating me.

The voices in my hear are so loud this morning. Not even a pack of cigarettes will make them shut up. Not even alcohol, not even weed. Nothing will bring you back, when I can't even understand why you left.

Tonight, I'll go out I'll walk till your favorite places, wishing that you'd be there. I'll look for you, my love, I'll drive till I see stars in my eyes.

I'll try my best not to end everything tonight Because, if I do, would you care?

And, even though every piece of my soul is shattered, I want to get up in the morning. I wanna climb to my rooftop to see sunrises and sunsets, I wanna listen to the rain against my window, I wanna see the snow covering everything with it's white veil.

I wanna be alive, if you ever decided to come back.

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