Journals of the Valley Outcasts: Zee #3/13
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Journals from a group of outcasts, living in the same time, in the same town, in the same bubble. Part 3


Journals of the Valley Outcasts: Zee #3/13

by AFA


I hate Hallows Eve.

So much chaos happens on these streets on this night.

I'm going to try my best to not freak. I need to remember i'm safe in my home.

And if someone breaks in, and my mom is passed out on Byphomine, at least i have a gun.

It's been a rough couple months, but these past three sober weeks have been just blissful.

I feel myself coming back. I just hope those around me see it soon.

The first day of school, i ran into Marko.

I asked him about Caleb, and how he was doing.

I know i corrupted him. I feel horrible about it. I can feel my skin turning pale, and my heart start to burn when i think about Caleb and Marko. And what i did to their trust

I know i wasn't a good friend, But i know i can be better.

This world is good at creating lost souls.


Wounded animals.

I have to be better.

I've been going to the library, and reading life journals.

For a moment, i started to not feel so alone in this world.

I want that feeling to last.

I want to feel connected to something.

I want my friends back.

I have to say though, i have made one new friend. Her names Maya.

I remember her from freshman year, she has a twin named Leah.

First day of school, i found it unusual that her sister wasn't in class with her, and i managed to sit next to her.

We didn't really speak. It wasn't until Sandy came up to me mid September during class, and started to bark some nonsense my direction.

Maya, without missing a beat, snapped back and had her running away.

I thanked her, and from then on, we've been inseparable at lunch time.

I still don't know why her twin isn't here. It's something that constantly runs through my mind.

Only because she's so secretive about it.

All i know is that she needed to go away for a bit.

But when someone tells me that, i already know theres a eighty-five percent chance that they went loco or loca.

I know i shouldn't pry. So i'll stop asking questions.

I've been writing on and off for the past four hours. I feel like the streets are calm enough now for me to sleep.

I don't know if i'll write again soon.

I pretty much did it this time, because of the life journals i read.

I got a little inspired.

But i can feel that going away.

I can feel my drive leaving my body.

I hope this doesn't also happen to my will to keep sober.

I will pray.

Whoever you are.

Reading this in some future time.

Pray for me too.

Even though i'm already dead.

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