Dream come true...(NEVER GIVE UP)
Dream come true...(NEVER GIVE UP) dream-reality stories

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A real story of mine the dream come true.
This is the first time I am entering the contest with my real story.
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By: Gaurav Chettri

Dream come true...(NEVER GIVE UP)

The dream that came a long time back when I was just 18 and today am 24. It was not a dream that I had just once but several times and that came true after the long run of 6 years.This is a story that is real and with which am happy,ohhh wait not just me but the dream that came true for my mother too.

It was 5pm, the day I had came back from my school and my mother waiting for me to come along her side for a festive shopping.I reached home thrown my dresses here and there all with the excitement for the festive shopping with my mother,

ran out to the market place with my mother beside had a great day filled with lots of fun time my mother bought me a pair of new clothes,I was happy and so I hugged my mother in front of everyone between the market.After the shopping was over my mother she looked at me and said son whatever I have earned is all because of the teachings from my parents and so I have a teaching for you today and that

was NEVER GIVE UP INSTEAD TRY HARD is what she said.On my way back home my mother and I we had a chat that she said,even though I couldn't go to school for a long time I couldn't become what I wanted to but I had a dream that I would become an engineer one day and that was my dream so she said.

I was thrown at the time and I begun to think how and what shall I do now to become what my mother thought of, I promised her that day saying that I will be the person that you dreamt of once....

Time passed away I was on grade 10th at the time I promised my mother, I was not the brilliant student nor I was the dumb one I was an average student and so my teachers didn't like me much,that year passed I had the board exams to be faced and I was studying the whole cold winters my friend were running out for the coaching classes and coaching centers but I didn't I was on

my self study, Exams came I appeared with all my own preperation after a month results came out I passed out with the good grades so my results came good .I was so sure that am going for a polytechnic University after grade 10th but.....

my mother denied she said if you want to try polytechnic first study your +2 taking up sciences so after that you may decide wheather you are ready or not. I agreed.I joined the new school taking up sciences my mother was happy but none of my close ones were the turning point my mother had alot to hear from them they said that she cannot afford to give

me proper education regarding sciences but my mother never stopped she then came to me said the same 3 words NEVER GIVE UP.....Time flew like water flows I finished up my +2 taking up sciences I ended up with the average score and passed out becoming a science student.

Here comes the dream that I never forgot nor my mother did now I had to join the technical university for engineering. The same people started taunting up on my mother but she again didn't stop. After hearing a hell of lot from people my mother never stopped me from doing what I choose to,

I fought with all my fear and came out of my home joined the engineering University far from my home town came all the way to CHANDIGARH the planned city.I had spent 4 years at Chandigarh and now today the dream came true am an engineer with the title Er. before my name.

The dream came true after years of struggle and my mother's willing and will power.Ohh I forgot this dream was not just my mother's and mine but yes it was the dream of my heavenly Father to who passed away long time back.

Thank you mumma you are my only strength and so I will always cherish. My living God my mother.The lesson I got from being patience and having positivity inside can conquer lot of things. If you work on it and NEVER GIVE UP your dream becomes your goal and your goal becomes your success.

This story is the real story of mine. Hope some gets insured reading this and NEVER GIVE UP. Try and try you will reach the place may be not soon but yes surely one day.

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