Nehi for a Nickel
Nehi for a Nickel boy stories
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josiegirl Community member
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Written as a 100 word Postcard Story: A young boy in search of candy discovers a tasty beverage instead, while finding contentment.

Nehi for a Nickel

One particularly brisk morning, a young boy named Jasper ventured into town. His quest: to buy the cherished candy his grandfather gave him when he was five.

He arrived at the market quite parched. The morning mist had given way to the heat of midday, and for Jasper, nothing refreshed like a cold Orange Nehi.

Paying a nickel, he headed to the bottle opener mounted just outside the door -POP- then sat in the shade of the shop's awning, listening to a distant train pass by.

Though, as he listened, he'd completely forgotten the licorice he'd set out to buy.

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