none of this means anything
none of this means anything gay stories

joshuajay bi boy just trying to make it my guy
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im sorry if this doesn't make any sense. i don't even think im in love with them anymore but im terrified of losing them

none of this means anything

i am dreaming and they are sitting next to me

their head is own my shoulder and the same shitty movie plays in the background

"we... we don't matter."

there's an infinite number of parellel universes"

"why would I ever think that we matter?"

they pause, take in what im saying

they've always been the best at figuring out which way my words were supposed to end up

"maybe we don't have to matter?"

their words are crumbling, questioning

as if they are second guessing who they are

"maybe we don't have to matter."

i echo and turn the volume up

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