Boxed in
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Be respectful, if you are going through similar thoughts and feelings I encourage you to seek help and proper guidance, you're not alone

Boxed in

Midnight fight with isolation and endless desire,

Glued to impulsive now's that deepen a bottoms, bottom,

A struggle when your love is tainted with insecruity and doubt,

No hope when the people giving directions loose them selves to delusion and intoxication,

A day where your reality is ripped away and crushed beneath you,

Submitting to depression and suicidal thoughts sitting in a dark room only illuminated by the low glow of a laptop.

Attempting to claw and crawl up from a state of absolute self inflicted obliteration

Wasting away boxed in air tight, suffocating in self pity continuously,

I can't breath, I can't see. I'm boxed in.

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