One And Only Dear
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When we were fifteen I met my one and only dear

One And Only Dear

To the music of "It Was A Very Good Year" by Frank Sinatra

When we were fifteen I met my one and only dear

My one and only dear who makes me smile

Who helps me get away From the stresses of today

Made a plan to make her my queen When we were fifteen

When we were seventeen I finally told my dear

Told my dear my feelings for her

Though she said it first I'd never want it reversed

There was a spark though no need for gasoline When we were seventeen

When we were twenty-two I was reunited with my dear

Reunited with my dear, back in her arms

Vowed to love her forever And that I would leave her never

From there our lives only grew When we were twenty-two

When we were thirty-six There was trouble with my dear

Trouble with my dear that almost split us up

That almost ruined our forever after There was less and less laughter

But it was nothing a little love couldn’t fix When we were thirty-six

Now as our days grow short After all the great years

It’s only her on my mind

From night to day Happy I got it my way

Lucky I got to hold her near Her, my one and only dear

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