I Needed Her Most
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josevasquez23 Community member
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My eyes open and greet the day But there’s something missing

I Needed Her Most

My eyes open and greet the day

But there’s something missing

A hole in my life that’s not dismissing

Or diminishing no matter what I do

I try keeping busy, but it doesn’t go away

Kinda makes me feel like I’m living a lie

It’s hard to tell if I want to scream, punch or cry

Die even... no not that extreme

But I need something to help

Help me through all the arguments and pain

Get me through the day before I throw my life down the drain

Raindrops fall on my roof as I lie wide awake at three a.m.

The darkness is taking over the light

It’s getting significantly harder to see

Everything is locked up I need to find the key

Maybe there is nothing out there to relive

This lonely, empty feeling I have

Walking around blindly, shadow like

Using these words as my outlet as I write and type

Strike this feeling right in the gut with these lines

But this can’t be it, there needs to be something else

That’s it! Not something but someone

She shined light on the darkness faster than the sun

Coming into my life just when I needed her most

Escaping to a distant place far from where I am

I was trapped but she busted me out

She’s second to none without a doubt

Shout it from the rooftops, she saved my life!

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