Flower Petal
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josevasquez23 Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
She can't inflict her will on me anymore, all that's left was this petal.

Flower Petal

When the flood in my eyes settles

All that remains is a single flower petal

Bright red, like the stop light you flashed

On us, at the first sign of trouble you dashed

You couldn’t wait and see what we can do?

I loved you more than you ever knew

But you left this petal sitting on the floor

Like the heart you’ve manipulated before

But not anymore, today I stop the tears

Open up to someone new, no more fears

She makes me warm and feel complete

It burns you to find me at peace

The fire you lit in my life still burns

But with flaming passion for her

I thought you were, but you were nothing special

And your only impact on me was this fallen petal

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