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Sweet bliss just us two Right then and there I knew


Sweet bliss just us two

Right then and there I knew

That you were the one for me

Loving you uncontrollably

But then I should have knew

I was not secured, neither were you

How could we have let this be

Closed my eyes, counted: one two three

I was a kid, stupid, without a clue

Caught up, not even knowing what to do

I toss and turn despite your guarantee

Hoping it’ll disappear and set us free

There’s a light at the end, can we make it through?

But this stress is stuck to me like glue

Fifteen days of agony

Feels like I’m losing my sanity

You were wrong, I knew it was true

A sin I want to wash away and undue

But still live forever in memory

I made you do this, I’m the enemy

Dammit, what did we get ourselves into

Bit off more than we can chew

One hundred percent parallel to fantasy

Besides the moment done absentmindedly

What an angel she would’ve grew

To be, what bright dreams she would’ve pursued

Stripped away before she could even plea

My girl, I’ll miss her tenderheartedly

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