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Words hurt like crazy... many of us are victims to what people have said to us. You are not as pretty, you are fat, like what are you wearing? EW! Man, we thought you were cool. All this things sometimes leas us into taking bad decisions. Most of them which we are going to regret. But how it feels to be cool, do be the one that cause all the boys to drool.


Chased their cheers,

chewed their cud,

searched for their nods.

Wanted to be among.

Knowing your worth,

Scared of their words,

They laugh and play on you mind games,

Little happiness in your heart set into flames.

Given up the battle,

beacause you thought you were too little.

Heart abrased,

self-love erased,

hiding my face,

their approval you chased.

Like a dog chasing its tail.

Got lost in a trail,

like my mind is stuck to the rail,

my esteem has been knocked my a train.

Their words like a thousand knives,

that make you doubt the very essence of your life,

so you thrive,

to make them feel your presence,

in their existence,

what is the use of persistence?

Appear with no frown,

glee like a clown.

Wear these smiles like a crystal crown,

hear your voice filled with a lively sound.

While your screams and frowns are housed.

Your words tear others apart,

splitting their inner being into half.

Even when I try to reach out,

you push me deeper into the ground,

with your screams and shouts.

Now I'm back to sqaure one.

Wanted to be seen,

to be and to have been.

So she started wearing short skirts,

and open cut shirts.

He wanted to be among,

to sing their song,

so he started breaking bounds,

with cocaine. he took 3 pounds.

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