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My Name is Demon Lord

While walking home everything began to feel off. A very grim feeling came over me as daylight transitioned into twilight. Strangers were bumping into me in an aggressive manner.

Others were staring at me unpleasantly. This dark ominous feeling left me sick to my stomach. It seemed as if everyone was teamed up against me.

I felt alone and depressed. As darkness set in, the strangers on the streets became violent.

An old man grabbed my left arm and began squeezing it! I was in a state of panic and trembling as he squeezed tighter. This was it, the others were all coming after me now.

"Let go of me, get away", I yelled!

:The old man's eyes appeared to be glowing a bright white color:

"You're not going anywhere", he says...

:Suddenly, I heard a female voice:


I thought to myself, that voice sure sounded friendly, that was..

until I found myself being flung across the street, crashing through the glass windows of a very tall office building! I looked up to find a tall woman with white hair.

Her eyes were red with a slight glow. She had strange dark clothing with black heeled boots.

Her skin looked pale with no imperfections, her body was that of a fully developed woman in her late twenties.

The strangers on the street began rushing the front of the building. All of their eyes with a bright white glow, you could see there were hundreds, all moving with a speed that was not human.

"You have to get to the rooftop! Leave now, they're after you!", the woman says.

I immediately took off sprinting towards the stairwell. Twelve floors later I had finally reached the rooftop. I was walking towards the rooftop edge to see what was happening below..

the door slammed open! As I turned around I saw the beautiful white haired woman standing infront of me. She briefly smiled at me...

My life began flashing before my eyes! I saw my dead body from above. This was followed by a television broadcast, almost like I was watching the news.

"He was found dead, having fallen from the rooftop of an office building. The mark of the four horseman had been carved into his chest."

What the hell just happened to me! Did I jump off or was I murdered? Why is this symbol cut into my body? Where am I dead?!? I can't see anything.

"RE-BIRTH", a man's voice shouted.

My vision began to slowly recover and I could now see. I was standing in a palace of some sort. I could hear what sounded like a battle taking place outside. Before me stood a tall dark figure.

He had red eyes, white hair, and dark clothing. His skin looked comparably pale to that of the beautiful woman.

"Lord, I have failed you", he said

"Huh..What do you mean?"

"We could only release one of the seven seals."

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"The Followers of the Light discovered your true identity and we could wait no longer to bring you back."

I sat there looking really confused at both of them. The beautiful woman began starring at me with a clueless expression on her face.

"He still doesnt even know that he is the Demon Lord", she said.

"Demon Lord...I'm a Demon Lord?"

She started to poke at me with her finger, lifting my arm up as if she was examining me. Her hand began to glow a dark purple color and she lightly touched my chest. SWOOOOSH...

I was instantly knocked back crashing into the door.

"Hey that hurt, what was that for!?!"

"He is still only mortal", she said.

"I don't understand what's going on. Where am I?"

:The tall man approached me as I was still getting up:

"You're in Tel Meggido and the year is 586 BCE. This palace is your home."

"What!?! You're telling me that I went back in time?"

"This is the time and place where you were sealed away before this earthly palace was destroyed."

"Who are you people?"

"In the mortal realm I am known as Asmodeus, and she is known as Lilith."

"Asmodeus? Thats rather hard to say..."

"That is why you have always called me Asmond."

"And you have always called me Lilly", said Lilith.

:Asmond places his hand on my shoulder:

"My Lord, our plan was to release the first seal after your memory had come back"

:Lilly folds her arms and sighs:

"Needless to say, but we didnt get that luxury because the Followers of the Light found out who you are."

"Who are the Followers of the Light exactly, and what do they want with me?"

"The Followers of the Light are a radical group from the realm of light. They don't believe in the balance between our three realms and seek to exterminate us."


"They are led by several archangels."

"You mean angels are trying to kill me?"

"When you allowed them to destroy Tel Meggido, and take your life, the balance was believed to be destroyed."

:Wow...Lilly sure looks amazing:

"My Lord, are you paying attention?"

"Ahh...yes sorry."

"Many of our people coexisted with mortals in their realm, now most of the mortals don't even know that we exist."

Asmond explained to me that I allowed myself to be sealed away in order to stop Armaggedon. Apparently, Armaggedon was destined to happen in 586 BCE.

This would have been the result of a battle at Tel Meggido. Tel Meggido functioned as a sort of embassasy between the demon realm and the mortal realm.

After having the seven demon princes seal my power away, we allowed the city to be destroyed, and myself to be killed by the Followers of Light.

I had instructed Lucifer to return our kind to the demon realm and lead in my abscence. Aslong as my true source was not destroyed, it meant that I would be reincarnated eventually.

"This is a great story guys, but I think you've got the wrong person, can you send me back home now?"

:Suddenly the other six demon princes appeared before me:

"My Liege", they all exclaimed.

:While bowing before me I could hear the excitement in their voices:

"It's him! There is no's really him!"

"Sorry fellas, but I don't know who any of you are."

Lucifer explained that it was his decision to only release one of the seven seals, atleast until my memory came back.

Also, this could only be done by the remaining six demon princes at Tel Meggido in 586 BCE. The problem with this was that it would still result in Armaggedon taking place.

They had simply not found a way around it.

Demon royalty had mastered the ability to travel back and forth through time, but not without consequence. Crossing through into the mortal and light realms was less impactful than time travel.

It was for this reason they waited several millenia for my reincarnation.

"Even though you left me incharge, the reality is that I don't know how to handle this situation.", Lucifer said.

"Oh..What do you mean?"

"These are unforseen circumstances and you left no other instructions."

"Well if I can't go back home then what will become of me?"

"You will remain in the demon realm and attend the Royal Demon Academy."

:Are they really going to make me stay here...I really want to go home:

"Wait a second, what do you mean I have to remain here?"

"I'm sorry my Lord..this is really the best option. This way you will have the closest thing to the lifestyle that you had back home. It will also buy us time to figure out a solution."

This was the beginning of my new life at the Royal Demon Academy


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