Conversations with the Devil Part II
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The man's skin was white. He wore a stylish looking black suit, a white collared shirt and a black silk tie. The man looked as if he were in his mid-forties, with neatly parted black hair and just a tinge of white on the sides.

Conversations with the Devil Part II

The man's skin was white. He wore a stylish looking black suit, a white collared shirt and a black silk tie.

The man looked as if he were in his mid-forties, with neatly parted black hair and just a tinge of white on the sides.

His eyes were baby blue, and he flashed a smile that could have melted the heart of any woman as he said,

"Jimmy, you called?"

Jimmy leapt from the ground with the vigor of a man much younger than himself. He smiled while wiping the tears from his eyes.

"I knew you would come! I knew you would come! You know, I prayed to God first. I prayed that he would answer my questions.

If he had answered me, he would have saved an innocent man's life," said Jimmy, in an awful, gleeful voice.

"I never thought it was in his nature to give answers. He's always thought himself too high and mighty to answer questions.

Instead he leaves his children wandering alone in the dark! Now, on to business, we have clearly established it is answers that you seek.

What is your question Jimmy? Would you like to know who your mother is? Why your father beat you so relentlessly all those years? What next week's lottery numbers are, perhaps?

" said the Devil, in a voice so pleasant and melodic that it made Jimmy forget all about his troubles, the cut on his forehead, his sprained ankle,

and most importantly the fact that he had just killed a man. Yet still, he did not forget the question that burned him.

Jimmy spoke: "I want to know why we're here - is there any reason to our existence? Why did you rebel? Why do you now punish us? "

"I can only answer your two latter questions, Jimmy. As for the first question, I have no answers. On the subject of: why we are here, I can only give you more questions.

" Replied the Devil, mournfully.

"**** you, man! I'm not selling you my soul for that kind of bull****. I want answers. You owe me answers, man. I ain't settling for that bull you hustle on the average ****ing Joes.

" Jimmy spat out angrily.

The Devil laughed a little and replied: "You already sold me your soul though Jimmy. That's what you did when you killed a man and buried his bones here.

No one goes to Heaven after committing selfish murder. I don't have to tell you anything. If you're not satisfied with what I have to offer, I can simply go home now.

On the other hand, that's not exactly good for business. So, you can take the answers I have to offer or you can go to Hell. Either way your soul is mine. Make your choice."

Jimmy fell back down into the dirt, a wave of despair washed over his body. A single tear dripped down his cheek leaving a clean path through the dirt.

In a weak and defeated voice he whispered,

"Fine, tell me what you got to tell me. But know this: you're a cruel fucking bastard, man."

The Devil quietly sat down beside Jimmy and smiled as he curled an arm around him with a mockingly paternal air.

"You're the one who killed him, Jimmy. You're the one who killed him." The devil coolly simpered.

Then, the Devil began to tell his story in that pleasant, melodic voice, that quietly rumbled with the wisdom of a man more ancient than the one who stood before him:

"You know I have been quite the misunderstood creature over the millennia. Few people know this, but my name, Lucifer, actually means 'bringer of light.

' I was named that because, when God created Adam and Eve, it was I who convinced them to eat from the tree of knowledge. And, without knowledge or understanding, we can have no freedom.

The Christians say that God gave them free will. But, it is I who gave them knowledge. It is I who helped them find their freedom.

God created the tree of knowledge and then forbade man to eat from it.

The question, then, is this: Why did God create the tree of knowledge, if he did not want man to eat from it?

If the other animals had eaten from the tree, surely it would not have affected them. Their potential obviously was not the same as the potential of man.

Why, then, did He demand that mankind stay in a state of permanent ignorance?

Indeed, if we accept the possibility that God is all knowing and that He created both man and that tree, we must also accept that He knew Adam and Eve would eat from it,

that He wanted them to eat from it, and that He is punishing mankind for behaving in the way He always intended them to act.

This in turn leads me to the reasons that I rebelled.

If an all knowing, all powerful god creates us and we sin, did He not design us to sin? Did He not want us to sin? If He created everything in this universe, did He not create sin?

Yet, He claims the right to judge us. It seems a bit hypocritical to me.

He says we have free will, but how can free will and fate co-exist? How can I be free when I have been created by an all knowing, all powerful being?

Surely I behave exactly as He expects me to behave. This question has nagged at me over the millennia, in a way that you cannot possibly understand. It has quite literally driven me mad.

He demanded my obedience. I rebelled against Him to prove - both to Him and to myself - that I am free. To show Him that He cannot control everything.

And yet I have been labeled as the greatest villain in human history. He slays and smites people for doing as He created them to do.

He demands that you not covet your neighbor's wife or goods, that you not take His name in vain, that you not have sex out of wedlock, that your sex be limited to procreation.

And, if you do not do as He commands, He banishes you to Hell for eternal torment. Yet, he claims you have free will.

In the Bible, He says: 'In the fight against evil there is no middle ground, no gray area, and no neutrality.

Those who are not actively and vigorously fighting against evil are helping evil to triumph.' And yet, He does nothing to stop evil in this world.

The whole world thinks that I am the greatest of villains. But, God is your maker.

He is all-powerful and all-knowing, and now, as I bring about the destruction of your civilizations, I inflict as much suffering upon you as I can and He does nothing.

I do this not because I hold some great malevolence for humanity, but to make a point. To prove that He made you and abandoned you and that He does not care for you.

You are all alone, left to die at my hands by an uncaring God - one who is unworthy of your worship. Had I been your god, I would have loved you so.

I would have ruled you justly and there would have been no sin on this Earth. You would have been free of injustice, misery, and suffering."

The longer Lucifer talked, the more Jimmy wept. He realized that he had killed a man - had sold his soul - only to find out that he was truly all alone.

As Jimmy wept - his tears washing the grime from his face - a figure crept from the shadows behind him. These would be his last minutes on Earth.

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