The Window Gazer -Parnika Parashar
The Window Gazer

-Parnika Parashar thriller stories
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jose101 And then she woke up........
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The Window Gazer -Parnika Parashar

Nobody noticed , nobody cared . I dusted my pants and knocked on the first glass. Two listless faces looking ahead, I sighed and knocked the next.

This one was recent and posh, the window rolled down and a fatty hand with bing diamonds put two clanking coins into my hand. They were tainted red, Oh! I sighed and moved ahead.

As the engines roared, I went back to my spot. Spent le soir counting nickels and shells.

The rumbling of the stomach was clearly heard in between the chime of my tainted earnings. Each tainted penny tells a story.

The red is dangerous, the black is heavy and the shiny is the lightest. If you happen to spot me, just wave. Don't get startled if I know your name.

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