Sliding Memories
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jose101 And then she woke up........
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Have you ever observed a slide carefully?🌸🤫

Sliding Memories

The sun shone brightly on her youthful face

Wide grinned she ascended the steps of a slide.

Her tiny footsteps, a huge leap for her mother

On reaching the top, she turned back afraid and uncertain, wanting to retrace the path she travelled.

Then hearing the encouraging voice of her mother, assured once again she slides with a few bumps and knock here and there.

Now sitting on the bottom of the slide ,wide smile on her face turning to a subtle line on her lips, two ponies on the head-turning to a braid.

She stood up, tear running down her cheeks adjusted the veil and embraced her mother.

Turning away from the slide now with a bundle of joy sleeping soundly in her caring arms.

She whispered a lullaby, gazed a grandmother on a nearby bench, humming the same tune.

Thank you for reaching till this page. Please feel free to comment........... A lot of room for improvement

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