A Writer's Block

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jose101 And then she woke up........
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Help me!!! What to write??
Wait...I have already written πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

A Writer's Block

The leaves were rustling and the wind blew my hair....... Naa this is too common.

Let's try it in front of the mirror.... Oh no! the idea level just dropped to zero.

What about taking a shower? Maybe water will do something good for my head... As the water was dancing along with my fingers...... or.....or

Once again, the leaves rustled, birds chirped and the grasshopper hopped....... And then I forgot... As I accidentally clicked the playlist button in my head...

Sia, 5 sos, BTS.......done, but what about the poem you dumbhead? Okay, now let's try the park...... I will wear glasses which I don't need , my diary and my pen.

Okay, now I am sitting on a bench with a pen swirling between my fingers, with my chin on my hands......

And I am acting like I am lost in thoughts but I am actually watching the squirrels fighting for a nut. Io! behold!..........Suzy finally won!

Wait, what???? Again nothing? But the fight was so interesting.

I will try the good old desk..... At least I have the title now..... A WRITER’S BLOCK

This was really my situation before posting this Hope it was relatable Please feel free to comment a lot of room for improvement πŸ€—

By Parnika Parashar Yep That's meπŸ€—πŸ˜…πŸ€“

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