The Man No One Will Remember
The Man No One Will Remember sad stories

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a sad story

The Man No One Will Remember

He grew up a softspoken young man

tripping every step he takes, but doing the best he can

But the scrapes on his knees seemed to never go away

Discouraged and broked down, he cried every day

or at least every night

In the mornings he woke up and went to work

and during the time in between, he counted down the days left

of his own sorry life

He sat in his room, bored and alone

His eyes winced from the light of his phone

He imagined he was waiting for a call

a blaring ring could prove someone loved him after all

His room stayed silent, all he heard was his breath

and in that solemn moment, he felt like he could do something he'd regret

But then again, the regret wouldn't last long

For how can someone feel regret when they're gone?

On a lonely piece of paper, he slowly scribbled away

Desperately trying to explain all the reasons that he couldn't stay

And after he had finished he had only one thing left to say...

I'm sorry


The man no one will remember

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