A Vision that Last the Journey Act 2
A Vision that Last the Journey Act 2 script stories

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A Mystery/Fantasy script story that revolves around Ace Galaxon who was destined to travel around the world in search of his past memories. Along side helping the world organization together with his companions. They would retrieve lost treasures that cause disasters to mankind and uncover its curse mystery surrounding it.

A Vision that Last the Journey Act 2

Urgent Departure Copyright Ramon Galaxure All rights Reserved

“Thank you for giving your trust…”

Those were the last words said by Emily right after the screen blacked out. A floating box-like device comes up to me, begins to laser scan my entire body and starts to talk.

“Authentication Complete… Ace Galaxon, status: alive.”

Goes up and somehow absorbs onto the top of the ceiling without any trace. An overhead voice speaks surrounding the entire room as I stand near the door.

“Take a seat… If you want to accept.”

I step closer to where the voice was coming from and a spotlight appears on the center of the room and notice that black office chair turns into a pilot seat.

I followed the request and as soon as I sat down the seat belt strap holds me in place.

“You have accepted your first mission.”

The walls of the room fall flat to the ground exposing the bright sunlight striking at my face and my eyes are having a hard time to adjust.

So I looked down for a while, I soon realize that I was floating in mid-air.

At the base of my seat, a glass appears from all sides as my head follows the moving edge of each glass, it encloses to the top forming a spherical capsule.

I raise my hand and feel its glossy texture.

“This is not an ordinary glass, it is visibly thin like what a bubble would look and feel like. I wonder how unbreakable the material will be.

After all, this sort of plane transportation is entirely made up of this glass… I place my trust in them.”

The plane begins to incline at a 45° angle and starts a countdown on the screen

“5… 4… 3… 2… 1…”

It blasts off into the skies as my body leans back into the seat. My peripheral vision sees blurry images of the surroundings and it felt like the plane went near the speed of sound.

After passing through the clouds the outer covering of the capsule plane was filled with water droplets that sparkle reflecting the bright rays of the sun.

I felt relief reaching this altitude as the plane shifted to auto-pilot. Flying in a calming straight direction as it rides on top of the white clouds.

Everything is visible from the outside and it’s like souring into the skies without any hindrances.

“This feeling… I can somehow recall… A boy who dreams to go out on an everlasting adventure to experience an unforgettable… Unforgettable.”

My thoughts got interrupted by a message icon appears in front of my view. I touch the screen with the point of my finger and Emily appears as a hologram.

“Ace! This is an urgent mission, we have located the missing craft of one Journeylist. There will be an island a mile away from your position.”

I look into the horizon and saw only the vast ocean

“There is no present land mass near my location.”

“This is strange…? I’ll provide the radar.”

While she is sending the coordinates, the communication got terminated and everything blacked out. Looking back I saw fire and smoke coming out from the engine area.

“Something or someone just targeted the aircraft without my notice…”

As I turn around the tip of the plane is about to crash into the surface of the water. I closed my eyes and wait for something to happen next.

The glass provided soundproof from the external noises and I can only hear little rustling sounds. As it stops, I open one eye and notice branches covered all over the plane.

I open both eyes and to my surprise, I was above a 50 feet deep cliff. Below were sharp piercing rocks with high raging waves that keeps on crashing into them.

“These braches keep me in this place but not for long, since the wind currents are getting stronger being suspended above even longer might put me to my death fall.”

I act as soon as possible and found a button for the ejector seat to activate however it’s stuck and wouldn't press down.

The same thing happened to the strap of the seat belt to which it is now permanently strapped to my upper body.

I look around for objects that had sharp edges and as I bend over to the left I found a watch resting beside the seat. The same watch that I threw in that dark room.

I tried reaching it, instead, the watch comes to me and clips into my left wrist like a magnet that automatically attracts to an opposite pole.

I place it near to my chest and check if there are any sharp edges that I can utilize.

Without any notice, the watch emits a specific heat that vaporized the straps of the seat belt letting me free from it.

It also creates a beam of laser going upwards in a circular motion penetrating the glass. After it had done with the task it turns off and becomes unavailable to use.

“I didn’t expect that this could do such things… And the glass needs one nudge to be removed. I need some elevation.”

While my mind thinks of an idea, all the branches that support the plane gave way and plunge horizontally straight down.

Due to the strong wind, the circular glass flew off making it an opportunity to escape.

I took a deep breath as I stand on the edge of the seat. Without any hesitation, I jump as high as I could grabbing the edge of the glass.

I barely held myself since the burnt glass was still fresh, the throbbing pain gets even worse as I stay even longer supporting my entire body weight.

Withstanding all the agony, I forcefully lift myself up reaching on top of the plane. I stare into the wounds of my hands and felt that I was about to pass out but I said to myself.

“Closer… the depth is getting closer to…”

I saw a vine suspended on the side of the cliff leading to the top and it’s almost reaching its last branch.

“I don’t know if it strong enough to support me but this is my only chance.”

I jumped away from the plane and as I’m about to reach the vine it disappears… Like an illusion leaving me speechless.

Falling into my oblivion with confusion to whether accepting this in the first place was a good idea in restoring my memories.

“Is this… The end…?”

As I witness the plane shatters into a million pieces.

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