A Vision that Last the Journey Act 1
A Vision that Last the Journey Act 1 script stories

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A Mystery/Fantasy script story that revolves around Ace Galaxon who was destined to travel around the world in search of his past memories. Along side helping the world organization together with his companions. They would retrieve lost treasures that cause disasters to mankind and uncover its curse mystery surrounding it.

A Vision that Last the Journey Act 1

Down to Memories Copyright Ramon Galaxure All rights Reserved

“It was a dream… He told me… It was all a dream.”

These were the calming words I have heard right after I opened my eyes while laying down behind the seat of a vintage car.

I sat down and realized that my clothes had changed, I was wearing a formal black suit and a tie with an embroidered oval-shaped golden stitch at the bottom of it.

In front of me was an elderly, aged man who was driving the car dressed up in the same suit as I am. He glanced at the rearview mirror and might have seen my concern with the clothes.

So he said…

“Have you remembered? Your great-great-grandfather designed them. Ever since it symbolized that you were a part of the Galaxon family. Also, that suit was one of your favorite clothes to wear.”

Oblivious to everything I asked who he was and gave me a response.

“I beg your pardon sir Ace, but I am Gerard Allister your personal butler. Since you were still a child, I’ve been serving your family for many years…”

As he continued his conversation, I looked into his eyes and recalled a memory from that strange vision I had.

“Could this be him? The one that carried me?”

“Could he have felt my presence?"

“I need… I need…”

He brought me back to my senses when I noticed his hand moved back and forth in front of my face.

“Are you all right sir Ace?”

“I’m… I’m fine.”

“There any strange things happened?”

“I can’t tell… If whether they were real.”

“I see… Let me assure you this after your recovery the doctor told me you will experience hallucinations, and he added not to worry about this happening as an after effect.”

That information gave me doubts whether it was a figment of my imagination… Or something… It was because all of my senses believed as if it was real.

With these things going through my mind, I can’t help myself but ask rushed questions at him.

“What happened in the past days?!”

“How did I end up losing all of my memories?”

“Who… am I…”

Despite my eagerness to find out the truth silence filled the place, gave me a half sided mask that covered the left part of my face and snapped his fingers…

[ In front of the Academy’s Main Gate; 8:30 am ]

- Ace wakes up after hearing a knock on the window frame of the car. –

“Sorry to disturb you Sir, but we reach our destination.”

- He goes out from the car and sees a 50 feet tall Golden gate and behind it was a large space of land. –

“Why did you bring me here?”

“You embedded most of your memories on this place…”

- The gate opens by itself exposing the vast scenery of the grassland. –

“This place… I can’t seem to recall…”

“You will… Once you get inside… But before you go.”

- He handed over a briefcase to Ace. –

“What is this?”

“Everything you will need for the journey, sir.”

“Wait… What journey?”

“Remember what you said about… Your destiny?”

“To bring back my memories…”

“Correct sir.”

“But how… How did you…”

- Before he could finish his sentence, he disappears right in front of Gerard and the gate closes. –

“Someday you’ll remember everything Ace…”

- In seconds he realizes he sits at the back, after being teleported, at an enormous conference room with seats filled with people but he cannot see their faces as darkness surrounds the room.

The only and visible area is the stage when a person-like hologram appears on the platform and speaks. –

“Congratulations to every one of you! To all who are present today are now in their Senior Year. This means everyone has committed to serving their purpose.

Before I leave all of you to your respective rooms, always remember your goal and training during every mission.”

Right after the hologram finished her speech the entire room turns pitch black and their respective seats move without them knowing.

While Ace is being transported to his respective room, he couldn’t help himself but ask…

“Is this an institution? How did I even get here?”

“And… What’s the purpose?”

As these questions occupy his mind he didn’t even notice he arrives and seats in a black office chair. In front of him is a 100 inch wide and 0.5mm thin floating screen.

His mind paused for a while as he sees a middle-aged lady with glasses on the screen stands with a serious face and speaks with an unsmiling tone.

“Welcome back Ace Galaxon… I know you have so many questions in your mind right now but before those, let me introduce myself… I’m Emily Lane and will manage every mission on your journey.”

“The head adviser told me you have lost your memories for an unknown reason is under investigation and you are here to regain them back… Am I right?”

“Wait… An Investigation?!” He at once asks after she finished talking.

“Ace! As I’ve said I will settle those questions after this session. Anyways let me see if you remember anything… Check the case you were holding this whole time.”

- He places the briefcase on his lap and opens it. He sees a simple looking watch and asks himself through his mind. -

“Was it the only content inside this case? Is this a joke?”

- She watches him for less than a minute and all he does was staring at it. –

“Have you forgotten about that Ace? Try wearing it on your wrist…”

- As he wears it, he gets flashbacks about this institution. –

“Journeylists are you all ready for your first training!”

“Sir Yes Sir!”

- The flashback transitions on an expedition at a rainforest where he got left behind by his group and the scout leader found him and said. –

“Despite these training… The performance you’re giving me isn’t enough. I’m sorry but if this continues… I have to let you go…”

- As he reached the campsite, all of his teammates stared and teased him. –

“Say Ace… If you want to let us win next time… Why don’t you move into a different group?”

“You’re not worth to graduate in this institution… Why don’t you go back to your home before it’s too late? Am I right?”

“Ace! Ace! Why did you even become a Journeylist?”

- Everyone laughed at him as he looked around and saw an exit route and ran as far as he can. Looks up into the dark evening skies, he got tripped and tears fell from his eyes. –

“All… All I want is to help my family… If I fail this time... Getting expelled might be the conclusion and I cannot graduate...

But no matter how hard I tried… I always fail… Why?! Why! I almost want to quit… But I can’t… I can’t… I don’t know why…”

- As he continued to cry fireflies flew around him and heeded a voice spoke within his conscience. –


“Who… Who is this?”

“Everything happens for a reason… Believe in yourself.”

“Believe… In myself?”

“Trust your destiny…”

- He got another flashback during the time of his graduation day. –

“And for our highest honor… Ace Galaxon!!”

“Congratulations Ace… You made us proud parents.”

- After the ceremony, they went into their car and drove back to home. –

“Say Ace why you don’t open that gift of yours.”

- He unwrapped the gift as fast as he could. –

“It’s a watch!! Simple yet so high-tech.”

“It’s more complex than you think since it came from the institution it has a secret part to it. That they said you’ll find out real soon.”

“Why don’t you try it on my son?”

“I will!”

- After he clipped it in place, a loud explosion happened which cuts his flashback as he threw it away near the corner of the room and Emily startles by his reaction and notices something. –

“Ace?! Are you all right…”

- He slams his both hands into the chair, stood up and goes nearer towards the screen and asks with an expressionless tone. –

“Tell me what these Journeylists are?”

“I see you remembered… So as you requested a Journeylists are well-trained agents chosen by the government to get access around the globe to take on vigorous adventures in retrieving

these cursed treasures to intercept them from causing disasters to our people living in those areas and uncover their origins.”

“And how can these things help me in reviving my memories?”

“For many years, you have been traveling around the globe to different places and revisiting these familiar locations might recall pieces of your memories.”

“I’ve seen throughout our conversation, you can recall memories through a direct contact with a recognizable object.”

“I apologize, I might become a hindrance along the way… And besides, I’ve already forgotten those so-called training required for these missions.”

“We can’t lose a potential leader to lead these expeditions… I still believe there’s still that in you.”

“I’m sorry… It’s too risky for the institution and me… I’m nothing but lost and confused...”

- As he walks away leading towards the exit door. She replies with a loud voice. –

“You’re our last hope!! Our hope for a unified and peaceful place…”

- Those words stop his tracks at the same time clenches his fist. –

“Ace… Tell me… What’s your final decision going to be…?”

“I’m… I’m in…”

- Doubts occupy his mind on whether his decision was right. -

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