Death's pulling me closer each year
Death's pulling me closer each year stories
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My tragedy I call a life

Death's pulling me closer each year

Happy birthday! Time introduces my life span to another year

As the crimson fire danced with elegance on the tips of the candles

With one blow of my harsh wind I lay all the performers to rest

Chatter, laughter, smiles all mixed with mine

Mischievous eyes daring to cast seductive glances

at the boxes and bags covered in both ribbons and mystery

Tingling ecstasy!

Age is blessing me with it's step out of childhood

Five year old me how pure you truly were

All we wanted was to be free from the cage named 'age restriction'

If only a sudden light had broke upon me, to be careful what you wish for

Happy birthday to me! Where is everyone?

Not one present? Not even a cake?

But of course! You're no longer a child

Take care of yourself! Hungry? Then cook something

Money? Get a job

No one has the time for such privileges anymore

Bitter loneliness shall never leave your side

It will be with you remembering

All the chatter, laughter, smiles that were once mixed with yours

So, don't worry, never will you be completely alone

Happy birthday

Five year old me, if only I could have warned you

That celebrating birthdays will betray you

For it's only a reminder you're getting older

And this revelation will break your heart someday

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