How to Become a Successful Author

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How to Become a Successful Author

by jordanlynde_


Write the first draft, then write the second. Write, edit, revise, repeat. Never stop writing. When you finish your first novel, start your next.


Open yourself to different styles, voices, and genres. Learn from others. Let them inspire you.


Create social media. Broadcast your writing. Join author groups. Share your work with friends and family.


An author and a reader are like a plant and water— they need each other to thrive. Keep your supporters/readers up to date. Interact with them frequently.

Be Patient.

Nothing will happen over night. It takes patience and positivity to persevere through queries, submissions, and rejections.

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solid advice! thanks for these^_^

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Great advice!!!! Great points.!!!!!

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thanks for the tips! i guess there is no silver bullets