My dream came true (Min yoongi imagine one shot) [short]
  My dream came true
 (Min yoongi imagine one shot)

[short] dream-reality stories
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Hope you like this short imagine

My dream came true (Min yoongi imagine one shot) [short]

You had been sleeping with your 19 year old son named kim Taehyung he was sound asleep, but i was in dreamland and i dreamt i married the king and had grandchildren, but jokes on me he will never be in love with me, and i still want grandchildren. Min yoongi do you take Kim Y/N to be your wife? the guy said smiling at me. i do Min yoongi said holding my hand.

Mommy wake up Taehyung shook me i opened my eyes and saw him staring at me. Mommy you were trying to kiss me? i looked embaressed as i stared into his eyes. I'm sorry tae i said hugging him then i heard a knock on the door. You forgot to do your payment out. of. the. building! he yelled slamming the door.

I told tae to change and changed into a croptop and a skirt, and i changed Taehyung into a black hood and balck sweat pants. i pack our things and we left the hotel and i was trying to find a job while my son was looking around. i looked at him and smiled and it broke my heart of what he said "Why are we poor?!" he cried since we got kicked out of hotels every week.

someone tapped i look behind to see the king staring worried and my son doing his derp face i look at him that means "Please stop it kim Taehyung"

hey do you need help miss? he said grabbing my bag and looked at my son. awww hes so cute whats his name he said patting Taehyungs hair. um k-kim Taehyung i stuttered as our eyes locked with each others. Your magesty we need to get back to the palace the guard inturputted us. were are you going? he said looking at me and Taehyung.

Umm we got kicked out of our hotel 204 times Taehyung blurted out smirking. i saw the kings face he looked as if a cat got hurt. Aww is there anything i can do to help? he asked trying to lock his hands with mine. uh sir don't do that! i glared at Taehyung and his face droppped -------> like this

What Taehyung looks like by the way

He brought us into a carrige and we went to the palace? he took us to a room we both looked confused. he told us we can sleep here until i get enough of money to by a apartment. 2 months later he asked to marry me, i looked shocked as my son screamed and hugged me and i of course said yes! and we got married and Taehyung soon found a lover named Jungkook

Jungkook was really nice and caring and then we had grandchildren named Jung hoseok and Kim seokJin and Kim namjoon and park jimin and ya thats my family story!

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