The Inner Child
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jonrossfreely Community member
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There is a child in all of us.

The Inner Child

I have lost my inner child.

I haven't seen him in a while.

He packed his bags and ran away...

When I put my innocence on trial.

Little me where did you go?

I have yet to see your glow.

I tripped and fell into a man's world...

you were scared of highs and lows.

Did you burrow deep within?

Good thing I have thin skin.

Safely you waited for the day...

That I would need your little grin.

Now here I sit, a broken man.

I have forgotten how to stand.

Every crutch I used has failed me...

Help me remember who I am.

Will you please come out and play?

There couldn't be a better day.

The sun is out. The clouds are gone...

Can't let this chance just fade away.

I know you're scared and I am too.

Just lean on me. I'll lean on you.

We'll bring some balance to our life...

Like teeter totters used to do.

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