Black Flag
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Virtue and success All my Achievements and social circles

Black Flag

Virtue and success

All my Achievements and social circles

The centre of attention

A beating heart of energy and drive

All Crocodile tears like wet cement.

I am a byproduct of my violence,

My hatred,

My lust,

My voice.

I represent a monster.

It has no voice

only anger

so i lend it mine

Never a moment where i dont wish to scream

burst my eardrums

bloodvessel in my eye

But when it speaks

I am silent

I think

and think of my fuckups

my ignorance

my incompetence

my reliance

Too much of a coward to slipknot

i am weak

and content to rot in hell

where, for the first time,

i will be welcomed with open arms.

Often there are times

I can tell I will say something horrid

it is up to me but i allow it

speak up child

but i would not be here without you

and so I hurt.

I gut

With boiling insensitivity

your tears are sacramental wine

for my bipolar Eucharist

I watch without empathy

Inside is pain

If only I was stronger

and so he speaks

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