Storms By: Jon Kowanetz

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"My greatest storms destruction, would leave only what was good"

Storms By: Jon Kowanetz

You took a piece of your heart and put it in me to grow 30 something years later it was mine that I couldn't show

All those years I left you to wonder what you'd done wrong I hadn't said I love you or embraced you in so long

But the fault was never yours, the responsibility was mine I took your love for granted, I never gave you the time

And the truth is that I got so used to weathering the storm That I forgot I had somewhere I could go to dry off and get warm

So I brought the black clouds with me every where I'd go Penciling in the linings and pretending to see the rainbow

It's hard to smile and feel the strength to show someone your heart When you can't collapse the umbrella and the storm clouds never part.

But what I never saw coming and really, who could? Is that my greatest storms destruction would leave only what was good

The wind came through like a freight train, real hell on wheels Uprooting long held beliefs sending them piercing through ideals

The ground shook as the faults gave way releasing tension from within Reducing to rubble the house of lies that I'd been living in

The fires raged an eerie glow as thick smoke filled the sky Consuming everything in its path that was lifeless and dry

The rain was biblical and it seemed it would never end But the floods washed the slate clean so I could start again

When the ground was finally dry and slowly came to rest The very last gusts of wind carried the smoke clouds to the west

The sun in my eyes woke me and its warmth made me smile And as I rose to my feet I realized I hadn't seen you in a while

So I traveled through the barren land no obstacles in my way And for the first time when I got home I knew exactly what to say

"All the pain and suffering I’ve caused, my punishment and redemption too I'd go through it all again just to be able to say that I love you."

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