Thankful By: Jon Kowanetz

By: Jon Kowanetz healing stories

jonkowanetz Community member
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Sometimes its the ones closest to you that cut the deepest.

Thankful By: Jon Kowanetz

One thing I know now, that I wish they'd told me then Is that the sword is mightier, when wielded by a friend

Because it cuts with ease, when you're worn down so thin That in between the bruises, veins show through your skin

As you bleed out on the floor, and your heart slows its pace The light fades from your eyes, and the color from your face

Then something lifts you up, like a puppet pulled by its strings From the hand of your creator, to lead you toward greater things

So you patch yourself up, and learn to let your scars show You realize that from the bottom, there's only one way to go

So you get up to your knees, and slowly you start to crawl You see you’ll never learn to walk, if you’re too afraid to fall

That changes you forever, you'll never be the same Like a Phoenix risen from ashes, you have to thank the flame

And from the air you can see, the ashes that had been settling Have been picked up and blown away, by the flapping of your wings

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