Ashes By: Jon Kowanetz

By: Jon Kowanetz recovery stories

jonkowanetz Community member
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Sometimes, the destruction creates something better.

Ashes By: Jon Kowanetz

Once the bombs stopped falling and silence filled the air I fell down hard upon my knees, desperate to repair

Sifting through the rubble, searching for a sign Of some unbroken relic from a more peaceful time

Protected under layers, and perfectly preserved An intact memory of the life that you deserved

I dug until my fingers bled, it’s there, I was sure of this But what I found I didn’t recognize, something was a miss

It wasn’t there before the war, the evidence did suggest It was created from the ashes, the pressure had compressed

I dusted it off and kept it safe, held close to my chest So that when I presented it to you, it would look it’s best

Together we’ll curate this gem and I’ll help you dig for yours And as we put them on display, we’ll be thankful for the wars.

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