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jonathandeweyFounder @ wearepartners.co | LND
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A Nondescript Corner Shop | Startup Story

A Corner Shop Story | For Startups

by jonathandewey

The New Cornershop Owner Did a Simple Thing.....

So what did the new owner of the little Cornershop in North East London (N4) do when he wanted to engage with the local customers and get people coming back again and again....?

He simply asked ...

what (special) products they would like to buy that he didn't already stock.... They told him, he listened, he supplied and they bought them and kept on buying them....

He made loyal customers who got exactly what they asked for.

How simple was that....and all he did was ask them what they wanted, listen and then supply them with what they asked for. And he made alot of people happy! And one of them is writing this story.

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