“What’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong?” why stories
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jonahhotaling Community member
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why ask if you don’t care to know?

“What’s wrong?”

you ask "what's wrong?" but you don't really care.

honestly just waiting for me to get out your hair.

but when I say it to you, it's the truth I swear,

because in the end I will always be there,

for you.

but will you?

be there for me too?

or is it just lies hiding the things that are true?



dark skies and alibis,

wanting to fly high,

but every time I try,

you shoot me down,

and watch me fall and die,

beautiful terrors fill your eyes,

as I hit the ground,

land without a sound,

like a tree falling in the woods when no ones around.

no one to hear it as it heads hell bound,

alone in a crowd as everyone surrounds,

me and my tears, and my heart so profound,

and they smile and laugh,

they point and they giggle, calling me trash,

put me down, anxiety joined the bash,

feel like I'm falling again, but with a bigger crash,

tearing me up, turn my whole world to ash.

you ask me "what's wrong?", have I answered you yet?

I really don't think it's a hard concept to get,

if you really can't understand my mind yet,

you're in for a ride, so get ready, get set,


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