Are you awake?
Are you awake? sleepless stories

jonahhotaling Community member
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Sleepless and Unable

Are you awake?


You up?

Is your mind keeping you awake as well?

Sitting there waiting for a reply that won't come until the morning?

Wishing that they would just realize your worth and be by your side?

Are you up??

Or am I asking a ghost to speak volumes?

Trying to get a locked door open with only words at my disposal?

Am I insane?

Or is insanity the only thing keeping me alive?

Is the insomnia I have keeping my eyes open to the darkness of the world?

Am I all alone?

Would you help me if I needed it?

Or would you leave me on read and forget about me?

Would you pull me out of my head?

Or would you let me be my own downfall?

Would you?

So many unanswered questions.

And only one thing is clear.

I would give you every second of my day.

But you wouldn't even give me the day of the year.

So are you awake?

Because I am,

Living alone with my fear.

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