The Color...
The Color... jonathan sanchez stories

jona0022 Community member
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A challenge to describe a color without using it in a sentence! :)

The Color...

It is the color which fills her cheeks when I tell her she is beautiful, the same color she turns when she cannot stop laughing.

It is the color of a rose that comes to mind when her fragrance lingers in the air around me. The very same color of her sophisticated dress that attracts wandering eyes.

It is the color that her gentle hands leave imprinted on my skin when she traces her fingers along my hand.

When she lies her head down on my chest, it is the color of my excited and nervous heart beating beneath the surface. It is the color of the warmth we share in a profound embrace.

It is the color of her lips when she whispers, “I love you.”; the color of her lips when they meet mine. It is the color which floods my face when she has rendered me speechless...

It is the color of that burning energy that has us affixed to one another.


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