The Truth of Simple
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Inspired by the prompt "simple"

The Truth of Simple

Fun fact!

Simple is a myth.

I wish it weren't. I'm okay with simple. I could live a simple life, I think.

But simple isn't real.

Nothing is simple. No one is simple.

The universe is made up of complexities. There's not a problem in existence that has a straightforward answer.

No human has ever succeeded in thinking a simple thought.

Every intrusive thought has all of time's worth of context.

Watching a sunrise requires the ability to appreciate beauty, which is anything but simple.

Picking a berry requires hunger, and action, and awareness, and instinct.

If anyone ever tells you something is simple, they are a liar.

And if you ever try to find a simple answer to a complex problem, you will fail.

Remember the complexities of the universe.

Remember how much goes into every coincidence creating our reality.

And remember above all that no problem you face is more complex than watching a sunrise.

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