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GloPoWriMo #30 || It's the last day of poetry month! I'm still not very good at real imagism, but it's been so, so worth it 💚

Thank You

Here is the last stroke of paint

Across a month-long painting:

I did my best

I learned a lot

I am grateful

Turning words to colour

And emotions to portraits

To stain your screen

My keyboard is

Just a little brighter now

Glowing with all the hues

I've been writing with

And this painting:

Ended, but not finished

But beautiful

I hope


Hi Commaful!

Hi Commaful! Thank you all so much for accompanying me on this journey of an experiment for National Poetry Writing Month! It's been so much fun.

Thank you for every comment, every page read, and every upvote. This really is one of the best communities out there. I can't think of anyone I would rather have shared this month with 💕

I promise to take all I've learned with me into my future writing!

This was an absolutely wonderful opportunity — 30 poems in 30 days! We did it!

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